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(Da ne prevodim, napisah par rijeci za "strance"... :( )

Today, this world lost one its most beautiful souls and most accomplished singers, ESMA REDzEPOVA.

She was elected into the "hall of fame" of Soviet Academia of Arts as the only singer without any classical education and training, she is elected amongst top 50 voices ever heard by the Americans and so on and on and on...

A Gypsy girly - from a ghetto in Macedonia - rose to prominence very young, almost accidentally, winning a radio competition in former Yugoslavia, after her teacher entered her name and shoved her into the thick of things, against her father's wishes...

Eventually, she used her fame and fortune to foster 47 kids, become a UN ambassador of Good Will and take her art throughout the world and simply amaze millions!!!!!

Tonight, I am lifting a glass, or three, to this unique soul, may she "rest" in her ever present artistically creative unrest!!!!

Here is a small sample of her absolutely outstanding work:

At the very least listen to this one from 3.20 for about a couple of minutes [or if you are so Western-style 'busy', then from 5.00 for about 30 seconds] and expect to be lifted into the stratosphere by this enormous talent:

Kalesh, bre Andjo:

Chaje shukarije:

Apparently the most beautiful Gypsy song ever - Gjelem, gjelem:

Or in her mature phase (astonishing!!!):

This kind of atmosphere she brought with her to every concert:

Esma, we a love you and your art and therefore you live on, for as long as we can preserve your memory, your music, your UNBELIEVABLE voice and all you could do with it, which mere mortals could only dislocate their jaws over, all the children you helped usher into this world and all the exhilaration, smiles and good will one associates with you, the moment you appeared anywhere at all....

HAT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:( :( :(
"Prosvijecenost je covjekov izlazak iz stanja samoskrivljene nezrelosti. Nezrelost je nemoc da se upotrebljava vlastiti razum bez pomoci nekoga drugog. Samoskrivljena je kada njen uzrok ne lezi u nedostatku razuma nego u pomanjkanju odlucnosti i hrabrosti da se njime sluzi bez tudjeg rukovodjenja."

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R.I.P. Есма

Re: R.I.P. Есма Реџепова Теодосиевска (8.8.1943-11.12.2016)

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